UW Tacoma Remote File Access Service usage agreement

RFA is provided for your convenience. UW Tacoma is not responsible for any data accessed or downloaded from the RFA site. If accessing storing or downloading any data that has FERPA or HIPPA related information from this service you must be in compliance with the Data Protection Policy for Portable Devices

For security be sure to delete downloaded data from your device or computer after you are done, or ensure it is stored in a password protected encrypted storage location.

Use of this service does not constitute an aggrement of work for compensation between the user and the University. If you are using this service for any form of university work for compensation it is your responsibility to obtain agreement and authorization from your supervisor before using this service.

Once you agree to the terms of usage you will be directed to the login page.

Login name is Your_UWNetID@tacoma.uw.edu

Password is your UW Tacoma computer login password (your @tacoma.uw.edu password)